About Us


Hello, My Name is Felecia Semier, owner of Mobile Delights. I grew up as a child loving to bake. From my first Easy Bake Oven I knew that baking would be my destiny. As I have gotten older my passion for baking has increased tremendously. My creations have been nurtured through the years. These southern styled homemade cupcakes and tarts have three characteristic features. They are pleasing to the eye and look awesome on any serving ware. Their aromatic fragrance. From the moment you open the package the smell radiates your pallet. Finally and most importantly the mouth watering taste. Again my name is Felecia Semier and I would like to thank you for purchasing some of my homemade miniature delectable treats. Thank you.  


We guarantee 100% of your money back if you are not totally satisfied with any of our products. No questions asked! Contact me personally or our Director of Marketing, Mr. Charles Semier at 832-891-7710.

Bulk Pricing

We offer special pricing for wholesale quantities. Call for details.